Hard to “tough love” this face into taking a nap. #baby #crib

Violence DOES solve things. @pissonkris

Behind the scenes guy @pissonkris. Behind being the operative word.

@zokacho SURPRISE!! (at DTLA)

#tbt back when I used to fight crime. #dtla #crimefighter #superhero (at DTLA)

One half of the superhero production team @glamprcom on this last job. @frankroller @ryanlbesh #puma #dtla #photoshoot #sports @alyssapizermanagement

Sometimes puppies wear glasses when its bright out. #puma

Portrait from #puma campaign. Terribly Handsome Gent. @alyssapizermanagement @frankroller @ryanlbesh @glamprcom @thekmdb @genaconcetta

Great day with a great crew! #puma @alyssapizermanagement @pissonkris @thekmdb @alimac1 @britneyalmaguer @genaconcetta @seanalexmac @glamprcom @ryanlbesh @frankroller (at DTLA)

Mr. “Behind the scenes” was not so behind the scenes. #puma @glamprcom @pissonkris

@theoutfiteer makes a mean taco.

Location scouting with my french assistant. Merci Nico!

ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at PDX)

Morning stroll to breakfast before the big day. #andyandimari (at City of Portland)

Kids really do fly free.